Tennis General Information & Rules

From 2019, SACPSSA has introduced new sports into its carnival programme, and one of these is Tennis.

The SACPSSA ANZ Hot Shots Tennis Carnivals will be held over four days in Week 5 of Term 3, as a collaboration between our association and the School Development Team of Tennis SA.

Following the established Hot Shots version of modified tennis, the carnivals will be open to Year 3/4 students and will take place at Memorial Drive, the home of tennis in South Australia.

Days 1 – 3 of the carnival programme will be for mixed gender teams. Day 4 of the carnival programme will be dedicated to single gender competition.

Tennis Co-ordinators

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Darren Elliott
Carnival Co-Ordinator

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Scott Hughes

Scott Hughes
Tennis Executive

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Tennis Information

The carnivals are open to Year 3/4 mixed gender teams (Days 1 – 3) and Year 3/4 single gender teams (Day 4) from Catholic primary schools or colleges. There is no limit on the number of teams from each school.

The carnivals are focused on mass participation, learning and enjoyment. Match results will not be collated and no carnival awards will be presented.

  • Schools may nominate Year 3/4 teams of mixed gender (Days 1 – 3) or single gender (Day 4).
  • Day 4 is dedicated to single gender schools.
  • Co-ed schools must nominate on Days 1 – 3.
  • Year 3/4
  • Mixed gender teams on Days 1 – 3 consisting of 4 boys and 4 girls per team. Substitutes are allowed but not required.
  • Day 4 is set aside for single gender schools. Teams to consist of 8 boys or 8 girls. Substitutes are allowed but not required.
  • There is no limit on the number of teams that each school can nominate.

Memorial Drive, Adelaide

  • Racquets will be supplied by Tennis SA, although students are welcome to bring their own modified racquet if they have one. Schools are welcome to bring along their school set of modified racquets. Students may not participate with a standard competition racquet that is not modified for Hot Shots competition.
  • Low compression red tennis balls (supplied).
  • Tennis SA will supply equipment to create modified Hot Shots courts (supplied).
Hot Shots Format of Matches

Please refer to the following PDF for a full description.

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