Swimming carnivals are conducted over a
period of one week at two metropolitan venues:
Burnside Pool and Magill Pool.

See below for carnival dates

Children from school Years 3 – 6 (Years 4 – 7 for schools with a Year 7 exemption in 2019) compete in sections based on the previous year’s results. All events are mixed boys and girls events in the four standard styles of Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Freestyle with three ability levels A, B and C offering a greater number of children the chance to compete.

A system of promotion and relegation operates at the conclusion of the carnivals based on the highest and lowest number of points gained. Schools will be notified of their carnival section following receipt of Swimming Nomination Form A.

Carnivals are organized according to the Rules of FINA.

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Swimming Events


Darren Elliott
SACPSSA Executive Officer
Mobile 0419 815 956

Mar 12
Mar 13
Mar 14
Mar 15

SACPSSA Swimming Carnival Section 7

March 15 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Swimming Nomination Forms

Swimming Information



Age Stroke Sections 1 & 2 Sections 3 & 4 Sections 5,6,7 Section A Section B
Year 3 Freestyle  50m A, B, C 25m A, B, C 25m A, B, C
Backstroke  50m A, B, C 25m A, B, C 25m A, B, C
Breaststroke  50m A, B, C 25m A, B, C 25m A, B, C
Relay  4 x 50m F/S 4 x 25m F/S 4 x 25m F/S
Year 4 Freestyle 50m A, B, C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Backstroke 50m A, B, C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Breaststroke 50m A, B, C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Relay 4 x 50m F/S 4 x 25m F/S 4 x 25m F/S 4 x 25m F/S  4 x 25m F/S
Year 5 Freestyle 50m A, B, C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Backstroke 50m A, B, C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Breaststroke 50m A, B, C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Butterfly 50m A  –
Relay 4 x 50m F/S 4 x 50m F/S 4 x 25m F/S 4 x 25m F/S  4 x 25m F/S
 Year 6 Freestyle 50m A, B, C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Backstroke 50m A, B, C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Breaststroke 50m A ,B, C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Butterfly 5om A 25m A 25m A  –
Relay 4 x 50m F/S 4 x 50m F/S 4 x 25m F/S 4 x 50m F/S  4 x 25m F/S
Year 7 Freestyle 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Backstroke 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Breaststroke 50m A, 25m B & C  50m A, 25m B & C
Butterfly 25m A  –
Relay 4 x 50m F/S  4 x 25m F/S
Open Freestyle 100m A
Medley Relay 4 x 50m 4 x 25m 4 x 25m 4 x 25m  4 x 25m

Please note these are currently provisional and may be subject to change. Please check back closer to the carnival date for correct listings.

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section A Section B
Henley Beach Windsor Gardens Nazareth Goodwood Kingswood Brompton Edwardstown Clare Tranmere
St Ignatius Pennington Taperoo Semaphore Woodcroft Col Light Gardens Brighton Payneham Craigmore
St Michael’s St Mary’s (n/c 2019) Stirling Greenacres Parafield Gardens Croydon Richmond Norwood Berri
Loreto Lockleys Seaford Whitefriars Albert Park Tea Tree Gully Elizabeth Grove Parkside Jamestown
Mercedes Rostrevor Brooklyn Park Plympton Walkerville Morphett Vale Salisbury Murray Bridge Gladstone (n/c 2019)
Clare Mt Barker CBC Christies Beach Glenelg Warradale Stella Maris Nativity Wallaroo (n/c 2019)
SAC St Dominic’s Wynn Vale Hindmarsh Glengowrie Sheidow Park Hectorville
Galilee Newton Blackfriars

Please see Calendar for section dates and start times.

# Sections 1 and 2 to be held at Burnside Pool. Sections 3 – 7 and Sections A & B to be held at Magill Pool.

Year Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9
1972 HenleyBch
1973 HenleyBch Glengowrie
1974 HenleyBch Glengowrie
1975 Loreto
1976 Loreto
1977 Cabra
1978 Cabra Blackfriars/




1979 Cabra
1980 Cabra St. Dominic’s
1981 St. Ignatius Morphett Vale Taperoo
1982 St. Ignatius Semaphore Tranmere Taperoo
1983 St. Michael’s Windsor Gdns Taperoo Rosewater
1984 St. Ignatius Taperoo T.T.Gully Parafield Gdns
1985 T. T. Gully Rostrevor Loreto Christies Beach
1986 T. T. Gully Loreto Christies Beach Goodwood Semaphore
1987 Loreto Henley Beach Brighton/


St. Anth/


Mercedes Warradale
1988 HenleyBch Brighton/ SHC Goodwood Stirling Wynn Vale Kingswood SheidowPark
1989 St. Michael’s Christies Bch Mercedes Wynn Vale Jamestown Evanston Brighton
1990 Henley Bch Semaphore Wynn Vale Caritas Nativity Eliz Park Brighton
1991 Loreto Wynn Vale Lockleys Holy Family Evanston Mt.Barker SheidowPark
1992 St. Michael’s Mercedes Caritas T.T.Gully Prospect Brooklyn Pk St.MaryMagd St. Dominic’s
1993 St. Francis Blackfriars Christies Beach Seacombe Gdns Tranmere Berri Enfield SheidowPark
1994 St. Michael’s Caritas Henley Beach T.T.Gully Mt. Barker Enfield MurrayBridge SheidowPark Parkside
1995 St. Michael’s St. Ignatius Taperoo Tranmere Cabra/


Murray Bridge Greenacres SheidowPark Norwood
1996 St. Michael’s Blackfriars Tranmere Cabra/Glenelg Murray Bridge Greeenacres Greenwith SheidowPark Parkside
1997 St. Michael’s Rostrevor Mt. Barker St. Augustine’s Greenacres Norwood Renmark Brighton
1998 Blackfriars Wynn Vale St. Dominic’s Greenacres Norwood Renmark Antonio Glenelg/


Elizabeth Grove
1999 Blackfriars Rostrevor Sacred Heart Findon Dominican C.B.C. Cabra SeacombeGdns Newton
2000 Blackfriars Wynn Vale Norwood Prospect Woodcroft Morphett Vale WindsorGdns Sheidow Park Loxton
2001 St. Michael’s Rostrevor Berri Woodcroft Salisbury Aberfoyle Park Kingswood Sheidow Park Loxton
2002 St. Michael’s Sacred Heart Enfield Salisbury S.A.C. Albert Park Brooklyn Pk Sheidow Park Rosewater
2003 SacredHeart Henley Beach Prospect Renmark Windsor Gdns St.Mary’s


Kingswood Glenelg Clare
2004 St Michael’s Prospect Seaford S.A.C. StMary’s


Parkside Clare Glenelg Christies Bch
2005 Loreto Henley Beach St Ignatius St Mary’s College Greenwith Clare Woodville Sheidow Park Tranmere
2006 Loreto St Ignatius Taperoo Mount Barker Clare Parafield


Gladstone Glenelg ChristiesBeach
2007 St Ignatius Taperoo Berri Semaphore Walkerville Pennington Hectorville Glenelg Goodwood
2008 St Ignatius Wynn Vale Windsor Gardens Parkside Pennington Hectorville Goodwood Brighton RoxbyDowns
2009 Taperoo St Michael’s Parkside Clare C.L.G. Kingswood Brooklyn


Edwardstown Albert Park
2010 St Ignatius Wynn Vale Clare Pennington Woodville Park Lockleys Albert Park Glengowrie Newton
2011 St Ignatius Mercedes Mt Barker Enfield Murray Bridge Stirling Aberfoyle


Glengowrie Brompton
2012 St Ignatius Sacred Heart St Aloysius Windsor Gardens Stirling Seaford Tranmere Glengowrie Goodwood
2013 St Ignatius  SAC Clare StMary’s


Stirling Aberfoyle


BrooklynPark Glengowrie Jamestown
2014  St Ignatius  Rostrevor  Wynn Vale  Stirling  Nazareth  Brooklyn Park  Goodwood  Glengowrie Norwood
2015  Henley Bch  Clare  Pennington  Nazareth  Brooklyn Park  Hindmarsh  Norwood  Glengowrie  n/a
2016  St Ignatius Loreto  Wynn Vale  Brooklyn Park  Goodwood  Norwood Kingswood  Glengowrie n/a
2017 St Ignatius SAC Windsor Gardens Seaford Galilee Greenacres Berri Glenelg n/a
2018  Mercedes  StMichael’s  StDominic’s  Parkside Goodwood  Kingswood  CLG/Wallaroo/
Year Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section A Section B
Event Record Holder Year
Open 100m Freestyle Connor Walding 1m o4.90 2013
Open Medley Relay 4 x 50m St Ignatius 2m 31.02 secs 2016
Under 9
U/9 50 m Freestyle Daniel Kowolski (St Michael’s) 35.54 secs 1984
U/9 50m Backstroke A. Gaillard (Loreto) 39.0 secs 1991
U/9 50 m Breaststroke A. Gaillard (Loreto) 51.72 secs 1992
U/9 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay St Michaels’s 3m 2.90 secs 1984
Under 10
U/10 50m Freestyle Daniel Kowolski (St Michael’s) 33.74 secs 1985
U/10 50m Backstroke Leah Cutting (St Domenic’s) 41.54 secs 2002
U/10 50m Breaststroke Leah Cutting (St Domenic’s) 46.11 secs 2002
U/10 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay Henley Beach 2m 46.30 secs 2018
Under 11
U/11 50m Freestyle James Stockman (Clare) 31.49 secs 2017
U/11 50m Backstroke J. Ellul (Blackfriars) 38.93 secs 1983
U/11 50m Breaststroke Leah Cutting (St Dominic’s) 43.81 secs 2003
U/11 50m Butterfly D. Whitehouse (Henley Beach) 34.88 secs 1991
U/11 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay Sacred Heart 2m 32.94 secs 2012
Under 12
U/12 50m Freestyle Nick Dolphin (Mercedes)29.60 secs 1998
U/12 50m Backstroke Noah Zaric (Sacred Heart) 35.34 secs 2013
U/12 50m Breaststroke Daniel Hargreaves (Blackfriars) 40.40 secs 1994
U/12 50m Butterfly Indianna Rashley (SAC) 32.60 secs 2018
U/12 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay Sacred Heart 2m 22.32secs 2013
Senior 50m Freestyle Connor Walding (Sacred Heart) 28.90 secs 2013
Senior 50m Backstroke Sophie Healy  (St Ignatius) 33.36 secs 2017
Senior 50m Breaststroke Megan McMahon (Wynnvale) 39.08 secs 1995
Senior 50m Butterfly Sophie Healy (St Ignatius) 32.95 secs 2017
Senior 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay St Ignatius 2m 17. 48secs 2014
Event Record Holder Year
Open Medley Relay 4 x 50m Semaphore 2m 55.0 secs 1988
Open Medley Relay 4 x 25m Stirling 1m 11.20 secs 2013
Open 25m Butterfly Justin Carlino (C.B.C.) 15.21 secs 2000
Under 10
U/10 50m Freestyle Cameron Palmer (Holy Family) 30.99 secs 2007
U/10 50m Backstroke Alisha Margrisson (Salisbury) 39.43 secs 1997
U/10 50m Breaststroke Alisha Margrisson (Salisbury) 44.88 secs 1997
U/10 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay St Joseph’s (Norwood) 1m 16.14 secs 1999
U/10 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay SAC 1m 17.01 secs 2012
Under 11
U/11 50m Freestyle Olivia Brown (Windsor Gardens) 31.78 secs 2017
U/11 50m Backstroke Nadine Paciola (Salisbury) 35.88 secs 2013
U/11 50m Breaststroke Jackie Staples (Seaford) 44.34 secs 2000
U/11 50m Butterfly Anthony Barisic (Semaphore) 37.18 secs 1988
U/11 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay Taperoo 2m 42 . 49 secs 2017
U/11 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay Greenacres 1m 17.38 secs 2018
Under 12
U/12 50m Freestyle Brandon Riley (Nazareth) 29.64 secs 2015
U/12 50m Backstroke Brandon Riley (Nazareth) 33.14 secs 2015
U/12 50m Breaststroke Brandon Riley (Nazareth) 39.35 secs 2015
U/12 50m Butterfly
U/12 25m Butterfly Louis Steyn (Renmark) 15.16 secs 2005
U/12 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay Cabra 2m 29.72 secs 2007
U/12 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay Stirling 1m 05.98 secs 2013
Senior 50m Freestyle Georgia Mail (Windsor Gardens) 29.36 secs 2016
Senior 50m Backstroke Karina Leane (Goodwood) 33.64 secs 1998
Senior 50m Breaststroke Deanna Salvemini (Enfield) 38.01 secs 2002
Senior 50m Butterfly Melody Remnant (St Francis) 15.57 secs 1997
Senior 25m Butterfly Georgia Mail (Windsor Gardens) 14.75 secs 2016
Senior 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay Cabra 2m 23.53 secs 2005
Senior 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay Stirling 1 min 06.27 secs 2013
Event Record Holder Year
Open Medley Relay 4 x 25m Glengowrie 1m 19.89 secs 2014
Under 9
U/9 25 m Freestyle Ryan Bennett (Seacombe Gdns) 15.00 secs 2000
U/9 25m Backstroke Ryan Bennett (Seacombe Gdns) 19.79 secs 2001
U/9 25 m Breaststroke Charlotte Godwin (Warradale)23.55 secs 2014
U/9 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay Sheidow Park 1m 15.11 secs 2001
Under 10
U/10 50m Freestyle James Ganley (Glenelg) 36.93 secs 2015
U/10 50m Backstroke Clancy Luscombe (Glengowrie) 43.10 secs 2015
U/10 50m Breaststroke CharlotteGodwin(Warradale)49.97 secs 2015
U/10 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay Sheidow Park 1m 09.8 secs secs 2006
Senior 50 m Freestyle Clancy Luscombe (Glengowrie) 35.02 secs 2016
Senior 50 m Backstroke Clancy Luscombe (Glengowrie) 39.00 secs 2016
Senior 50 m Breaststroke Eloise Merchant (Glengowrie) 46.11 secs 2014
Senior 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay Glengowrie 1m 13.17 secs 2014

Swimming Programmes

Below are the links to download a copy of the swimming programmes. Please download and print prior to carnival.

Swimming Programme – Sections 1 & 2Swimming Programme – Sections 3 & 4Swimming Programme – Sections 5,6 & 7Swimming Programme – Section ASwimming Programme – Section B

Promoting the philosophy of good sportsmanship, fostering companionship between competitors and promoting a healthy active lifestyle.

Swimming Officials Duties

The SACPSSA Executive will provide an Announcer, Starter, Referee and Computer Recorder. Official’s responsibilities at the carnival, and the nature of the roles are listed below. Judging in swimming requires a fair degree of concentration. Coaches need to be mindful of this when allocating parents for these positions.

 2 x False start rope attendants (Senior children can be considered)
 10 x Timekeepers (One of whom will be Chief / Roving Timekeeper)
 6 x Place judges (One of whom will be Chief Judge)
 2 x Recorders
 1 x Drinks marshall (Senior Student

The Team Teacher or Coach shall be responsible for placing swimmers in their correct lanes as allocated in the programme. All swimmers from each school swim in the same lane for all events. When called by the Announcer, swimmers report to their respective Teacher/Coach who will line them up in correct lane positions ready for the Starter. For relays, they are also responsible for ensuring that ALL swimmers are in the correct lane and ready at the correct end of the pool. Team coaches may call “Go” to each successive swimmer at the correct time but must NOT touch the swimmer and thus risk disqualification.

(SACPSSA Executive member)

The Starter is responsible for the starting of all events. When the Finish Marshall indicates to the Starter, the Starter shall sound a whistle to bring swimmers to the blocks for the next race.

Starting instructions are then – “Take your mark” (swimmers move into position on the blocks, stand still and ready). Starter then fires the gun. In the case of a false start, a second firing of the gun, after the swimmers have resurfaced, will indicate to the false start rope attendants to drop the rope.

After a false start, all swimmers must return to the marshalled position and await the whistle to bring them back to the blocks to restart the race.

These 2 people are responsible for manning the false start rope. In the event of a false start, the starter will fire the gun a second time after swimmers resurface. When this occurs the rope should be dropped immediately to stop any swimmers.

(SACPSSA Executive Member)

This person is responsible for ensuring that all swimmers adhere generally to the basic rules of swimming.

Due to the nature of our carnivals, in the lowest age group only glaring examples of rule breaches may be penalised (e.g. interference, etc.) but in higher age groups where technique has been taught (especially in Div. A races) more technical breaches will be penalised. (e.g. in backstroke, swimmers must be on their backs as they touch. In breaststroke and butterfly, touches must be made with both hands simultaneously, etc.)
However, all breaches in relay changeovers will be penalised.

Timekeepers are responsible for the timing of competitors in each lane – one timekeeper per lane plus one Roving Timekeeper.
They start the watch at the sign of smoke from the starter’s gun and stop the watch when the swimmer touches the wall. Should a Timekeeper miss the start for whatever reason she/he should indicate to the Roving Timekeeper who will time that person’s lane.

Timekeepers must not reset the watch until the Chief Timekeeper has checked and recorded the time.

Because of the ‘No Diving from the shallow end’ rule, timekeepers will be required to move to the end of the pool dependant on the distance of the race in order to stop the watch at the Finish end.

The Chief Timekeeper is responsible for:
a. acting as a Roving Timekeeper, if one is not available, stopping the watch on the 1st swimmer to finish or timing the lane of a timekeeper who may have missed a start
 ensuring the watches are reset for the start of each race (e.g. calls ‘reset watches)
 recording all times in order of lanes on the sheet supplied
 checking with Chief Judge if a disputed result occurs

Judges are responsible for placing of swimmers in each event. Each judge places 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. by lane number as they finish. These placings are then checked by the Chief Judge – if a dispute occurs, the Chief Judge will confer with the Chief Timekeeper for clarification of placings. When placings are finalised, place discs will be issued to swimmers in the 1st four places.

After the Judges give the place discs to the 4 placegetters, the Finish Marshall blows a whistle to get the children from the pool and signals to the Starter to start the next race.

One recorder is required to list on the “Result slip” the names and schools of the first four placegetters , the winning time, circling the NEW RECORD BOX if necessary. The Time sheet , Judges sheet and Results sheet are stapled and passed to the Computer programmer. The second recorder allocates the respective winners with their ribbons and assists the first recorder if necessary. All other recording will be completed by the computer programmer.

(SACPSSA Executive member)

It is the task of the announcer to keep the crowd and competitors informed, call competitors for each event (4 events in advance), call for quiet at the start of races, explain and if possible demonstrate areas that may be of concern to competitors. At the conclusion of the Carnival, thank all concerned, i.e. Parent volunteer officials, St John, IDM, Teachers, Coaches, supporters Pool officials, announce the winners and present trophies.

(Senior Student)

The Drinks Marshall will provide all officials with a drink, (cold water or hot beverage depending on the weather) midway in the carnival.

Swimming Rules

All events are Mixed events i.e. boys and girls. No event will be solely Boys or Girls.

Competitors must swim in their own age group based on year levels.

Age Groups – Sections 1-7

 Year 3
 Year 4
 Year 5
 Year 6

Age Groups – Sections A & B

 Year 4
 Year 5
 Year 6
  Year 7

Age Group Sections 1 & 2 Sections 3 & 4 Sections 5, 6, 7 Sections A & B
Year 3 4 Individual Events 3 Individual Events 3 Individual Events
Year 4 4 Individual Events 3 Individual Events 3 Individual Events 3 Individual Events
Year 5 5 Individual Events 3 Individual Events 3 Individual Events 3 Individual Events
Year 6 5 Individual Events 4 Individual Events 3 Individual Events Sec A – 4 Sec B – 3
Year 7 Sec A – 4 Sec B – 3

Schools may compete in their age group relay and the Open Medley Relay. However, EXTRA swimmers may fill gaps in OLDER AGE relays but only in ONE AGE GROUP.

Medley Relay Swimming Order: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle.

Trophies will be presented to:

 Individual – Age Champion Medallions – Year 3 to Year 6 (Year 4 to Year 7  – Sec A & B)

 School – Age Division Bannerettes –  Year 3 to Year 6 (Year 4 to Year 7  – Sec A & B)

 Overall aggregate –  Perpetual Shield and Permanent Pennant to school gaining highest points

  Age Champion Qualification – To qualify for the Age Champion Award, ONLY results of Individual events in one age group and/or OPEN events will apply.

Changes to nominations may be made up to 15 minutes before the carnival commences

Placing Open/Div A Div B Div C Relay
1st place 10 7 4 10
2nd place 9 6 3 8
3rd place 8 5 2 6
4th place 7 4 1 4

Winners in OPEN events will be allocated points in their age group.

Whistle is blown (step on to blocks) – “Take your marks.” Gun or air horn is sounded.

In the event of a false start – gun or air horn sounds again and a ‘False Start’ rope dropped in the water.

No diving from the shallow end. In relays swimmers at the shallow end MUST stand in the water with one hand ON the wall until the incoming swimmer touches the wall.

Competitors must remain in their lanes until place discs are awarded by the judges and instructions are given to leave the water.

Competitors in Breaststroke and Butterfly must touch with two hands simultaneously when turning and at the finish of the race.  Backstroke swimmers must remain on their back throughout the race, EXCEPT when correctly executing the tumble turn.

Promotion and relegation system will operate between all “numeric” (Sections 1 – 7) and “alpha” (Sections A & B) SECTIONS on the basis of the school aggregate points total.

The Co-ordinator may make other changes as he/she deems necessary.

New Schools entering will be placed in sections at the Co-ordinator’s discretion.