The SACPSSA provides professional training opportunities for teachers in SA Primary schools. In Term 2 each year we offer a training day for teachers in Catholic Primary schools focussing on current theory and practice in PE and Health teaching.

In September, together with ACHPER SA and in conjuction with Flinders University we run a full day of professional training for teachers in all Primary schools across all sectors in SA. This event usually attracts over 120 participants. We are delighted to have this association with ACHPER and Flinders University. We are also grateful to Shane Pill, lecturer in PE and Health at Flinders, for his on-going guidance and direction with our professional development of teachers in our schools.

The Professional Development program is co-ordinated by a sub-committee of the association, with the resources of ACHPER SA.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

For further information please contact Darren Elliott via email on