SACPSSA Cross Country Carnival

The SACPSSA Cross Country Carnival is held each year in the East Parklands, starting currently on the Prince Alfred College Oval. Historically it has also started on the Christian Brothers’ College Oval.

Annually this event sees students in Under 10, Under 11, Under 12 and Senior (Under 13) challenge themselves over a 2km course. The event hosts approximately 70 schools and around 2500 students each year.

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Cross Country Events


Rick Mackereth
Cross Country Co-ordinator


Aug 09

Cross Country Carnival

Thursday August 9, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Cross Country Nomination Form

Cross Country Information

Year U/10 Boys U/11 Boys U/12 Boys Senior Boys U/10 Girls U/11 Girls U/12 Girls Senior Girls
1985 CBC CBC St Michaels Aberfoyle Pk Findon Findon
1986 Aberfoyle Pk Sacred Heart Blackfriars Jamestown Evanston Windsor Gdns/T T Gull
1987 Jamestown Evanston Sacred Heart Evanston Jamestown Evanston
1988 St Michael’s Tea Tree Gull Aberfoyle Pk Evanston Evanston Evanston
1989 Evanston St Michael’s Antonio Salisbury T T Gully Salisbury
1990 St Michael’s Evanston Sacred Heart Parafield Gdn Salisbury TT Gully
1991 St Michael’s St Michael’s CBC Evanston Findon Hectorville
1992 St Michael’s St Michal’s Antonio St Michael’s Findon Loreto Evanston Oarafield Gdn
1993 Rostrevor St Michael’s CBC CBC Loreto Christies Bch Loreto Findon
1994 Rostrevor CBC St Michael’s St Michael’s Kingswood Loreto Norwood Loreto
1995 Evanston Sacred Heart Rostrevor St Michael’s Kingswood Evanston Loreto SAC
1996 Lockleys Evanston SHC CBC Mercedes Semaphore Loreto Loreto
1997 Mercedes/TTG Rostrevor Rostrevor Mercedes Parkside Mercedes Mercedes Loreto
1998 Blackfriars TTG St Michael’s St Michaels Findon Marymount Evanston Evanston
1999 Brighton St Michael’s Evanston St Michael’s Elizabeth Pk TTG Marymount Parafield Gdn
2000 St Michael’s SHC St Michael’s St Michael’s Findon Elizabeth Pk TTG Marymount
2001 St Michael’s St Michael’s St Michael’s CBC Norwood Wynn Vale Findon Findon
2002 Seacombe G CBC St Michael’s Rostrevor Wynn Vale Marymount Marymount Wynn Vale
2003 TTG St Michael’s CBC St Michael’s Loreto Seaford Marymount St Mary’s Coll
2004 Rostrevor SHC St Michael’s St Michael’s Glenelg Parkside Marymount Marymount
2005 Plympton Greenacres Wynn Vale SHC Henley Beach Walkerville Evanston Cabra
2006 Rostrevor St Michael’s St Michael’s TTG Loreto Loreto Marymount Marymount
2007 St Ignatius Rostrevor St Michael’s Taperoo St Ignatius St Dominics Mercedes Marymount
2008 CBC St Columba St Columba St Michael’s St Ignatius Semaphore Mercedes Loreto
2009 St Michael’s St Michael’s Mercedes Croydon Warradale St Ignatius Marymount Taperoo
2010 CBC CBC St Michael’s Seaford Edwardstown Loreto Marymount Mercedes
2011 Wynn Vale Glenelg Norwood Lockleys Woodcroft Cabra Marymount Loreto
2012 St Ignatius Mt Barker SHC SHC Wynn Vale Marymount Mt Barker Parkside
2013 St Michael’s  St Columba  SHC  Blackfriars  Glengowrie Nazareth  SAC  SAC
2014  St Michael’s  St Ignatius  Mercedes  Rostrevor  Seacombe G Glenelg  Wynn Vale  Mercedes
2015  Rostrevor  St Michael’s  Sacred Heart  Sacred Heart  Henley Beach  Henley Beach Mercedes Nazareth
2016  St Michael’s  Sacred Heart  Sacred Heart  Sacred Heart  Nazareth  Henley Beach  Marymount  Mercedes
2017  Nazareth  St Michael’s  Sacred Heart  Sacred Heart  Glenelg  Warradale  St Ignatius  Marymount

Promoting the philosophy of good sportsmanship, fostering companionship between competitors and promoting a healthy active lifestyle.

Cross Country Rules

Commencing at 10am events (2000 m) will be run in the following order:

U/ 10 – Girls D Div, Boys D Div, Girls C Div, Boys C Div, Girls B Div, Boys B Div, Girls A Div, Boys A Div
U/ 11 – Girls B Div, Boys B Div, Girls A Div, Boys A Div
U/ 12 – Girls B Div, Boys B Div, Girls A Div, Boys A Div
Senior Girls A Div..– Senior Boys A Div.

 Carnival concludes at approximately  1pm.


*Guide Only

10.00 am U/10 Girls Div D
10.10 am U/ 10 Boys Div D
10.20 am U/ 10 Girls Div C
10.30 am U/ 10 Boys Div C
10.40 am U/ 10 Girls Div B
10.50 am U/ 10 Boys Div B
11.00 am U/ 10 Girls Div A
11.10 am  U/ 10 Boys  Div A
11.20 am U/ 11  Girls Div B
11.27 am U/ 11  Boys Div B
11.34 am U/ 11  Girls Div A
11.41 am U/ 11   Boys Div A
11.48 am U/ 12  Girls Div B
11.55 am U/ 12  Boys Div B
12.02 pm U/ 12 Girls Div A
12.09 pm U/ 12 Boys Div A
12.16 pm Senior Girls Div A
12.23 pm Senior Boys Div A

Age Group Div A Div B Div C Div D
Under 10 4 4 6 Unlimited
Under 11 4 12 (Maximum) na na
Under 12 4 12 (Maximum) na na
Senior 12 (Maximum) na

NOTE: Division ‘A’ races must be filled with your best runners before entering runners in ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’  Division races.

 Running spikes or bare feet are NOT permitted.

 Competitors may run in 1 race only, provided he/she is qualified by age (as on 1st January).

 ALL RUNNERS MUST wear identification stickers. Please use this official  label template A4/14C.
This sticker to remain uncovered by plastic or such like covering. Download sticker sheet here.

 Medallions will be presented to the first 3 place-getters in Div. A at the end of each race.

 Place Ribbons will be presented to the first 4 place-getters in Divs. B, C and D at the end of each race.

 Participation Certificates for each competitor can be downloaded from this website here.

 A bannerette will be presented to the winning team in each division at the end of each race. This will be decided by adding up the places gained by each school’s first 3 place-getters. The lowest number will be declared the winner.


 A loud hailer will sound prior to each race time, signalling competitors to line up in ranks, with the best runner in front, at the starting line.
 Command for the start will be: “TAKE YOUR MARKS”
 The starter will then fire the gun.


 A funnel and race system will be used at the finish. All finishers must  place their name tags on the numbered sheet showing their finish position. The next race will commence after the official at Checkpoint 13 reports by Radio that the last runner has passed that point.

Each school to provide one official – to report to the Recording Tent before the Start for the allocation of duties, collect school rubbish bags and information relevant to the carnival. Tier 1 Schools and country schools are exempted but may be called on if needed.

Officials to remain at their allocated positions for all races i.e. the full carnival.


Teachers are responsible for their children and SACPSSA accepts no responsibility for injuries. First Aid stations will be located at three sites on the Course: at the Finish area and at checkpoints 15 and 20 on the course. Committee members will be patrolling the course with radios and will operate a roving golf cart to convey children in need to the nearest First Aid Station.