Term 2 saw the Athletics  Carnival at SANTOS Stadium. 3 Records were broken and 9 Country schools attended.It was decided that greater recognition will be given to pentathletes from 2015 to further develop interest in this intriguing aspect of the major SACPSSA carnival of the year.

Netball followed in Term 2 with Kristen Victory organising the carnival with great success. 50 schools attended the 3 days with 3280 children competing in this popular sport.

The Term 3 Cross Country Carnival was an outstanding success with innovative spectator barriers and new Walkie Talkie radios. The barriers will be doubled in number next year and the star droppers will be changed to safety fencing approaching the Finish Line. 2509 children ran the 2 km course and from all reports, from the children, it was a very successful day.

The Touch Carnival in Term 3 was extended to 4 days due to increased interest and judging from the numbers attended this was certainly the case. Rostrevor, Prospect. St Michael’s and SHC  provided referees and SACPSSA thanks them. Without their help the carnival would not be the success it was.

The Handball Carnival scheduled for November looks likely to be the success it usually is, thanks to Flavio Zandona and his well trained group of Senior Student referees. 19 schools have nominated 136 teams and 963 students will compete in this fascinating sport.


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