Welcome to the South Australian
Catholic Primary School Sports Association.

Founded in 1971, the South Australian Catholic Primary School Sports Association aims to promote the philosophy of good sportsmanship, teach students how to win well and lose graciously, and foster companionship between competitors while promoting a healthy active lifestyle.


SACPSSA consists of an Executive Committee and a group of committed sports co-ordinators who oversee the planning and organisation of the carnivals and events each year.

Event Calendar

For a full listing and overview of scheduled events, nomination deadlines and start times, please refer the the Event Calendar on this website. At all times this calendar will be your up to date reference point.


SACPSSA runs sporting carnivals at a variety of top-class venues in Adelaide throughout the year. The carnivals provide a great experience for all children involved and promote team-building and support.

Sports & Events

Offering a wide variety of team and individual sports carnivals, students are encouraged to participate and compete in the carnivals held throughout the year.

Cross Country

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